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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

We are Heroes!

I wanted to share this because it touched me so and I don't know who else to share it with but with you good folks...people that "know."  My husband had this poem waiting for me at the office when I got in this morning.  He wrote it for me to remind me that I am his "Hero."  Yeah, many tears may or may not have been shed. :)  Anyway, here it is:


My choices led to danger
As I was so far off the trail.
One small step to either side
And I would have found myself in hell.

I let myself get pulled in,
My defenses I left down,
Till the mire I was standing in
got so deep, I almost drowned.

I saw my happiness slipping away,
And thought my bondage was complete
As I gave in to my selfishness
And prepared for my defeat.

And at the moment of my total loss,
when I had no right for hope,
That's when you stepped up to the mire
And tossed me out a rope.

A rope you didn't have to throw,
you could have easily turned away,
and left me there to fend for myself,
with my own beast to slay.

Nobody would have judged you,
Not one soul would have questioned why,
if you had simply turned your back
and said a blunt goodbye.

But that was not your impulse,
when you came across this liar.
Instead you dug your heals in,
And you pulled me from the mire.

I don't think you understand
the gift you gave that day.
And now my drowning's turned to healing
Thanks to the price you chose to pay.

You will forever be my hero,
you have chosen to pay the toll
that rescued me from filth
and begun the saving of my soul.

And now the work is mine to do
and the road ahead is still unknown
but I am so grateful you are by my side
And I'm not traveling it alone.

I was so touched by this today.   I instantly thought of you ladies here and what heroes you each matter what your circumstance.  With the Savior's help, you are standing fast in your testimonies, you are strong and determined...even when things seem hard.  You have all helped me so much in my healing and you are all my heroes!

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